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Door Gear

The choice of door gear model depends on end frame and door design and the test requirements for the end wall and racking loads. We will be pleased to give detailed advice, but the following points should be considered:

-Material, mild steel or stainless steel
-Tube diameters of Ø22mm , Ø27mm and Ø34mm are available
-Un-bushed or bushed (bushed mechanisms ensure a smooth operating action)
-Weld on or bolt on brackets (bolt-on brackets can be fitted after final painting of the doors and if repairs are necessary, removal or replacement is simple)
-The resistance to racking loads of bolt-on brackets depends on the bracket length and number of fixing holes
-Short length weld-on brackets give better resistance to racking loads than short bolt-on brackets
-Finish, self colour, zinc plated or galvanised
-Steel doors can be fitted with weld on or bolt on brackets. Ply/metal or GRP doors can only be fitted with bolt on brackets
-If racking forces are high, a combination of locking mechanisms with long and short brackets can be used
-The type of door seal fitted can dictate the required bracket type
-Variable height door gear is only available on Ø27mm door gear models
-Door gear can be mounted vertically or horizontally
-Right hand door gear models shown left hand models are symmetrically opposite

Door gear can be supplied as loose parts (without tube) or fully welded ready for immediate fitting. If fully welded door gear is required, please contact us for further details and a lock rod chart as this will ensure your order is processed to your precise requirements.

Several of the door gear models shown in this catalogue are approved by Lloyds Register.


-Standard, modified or ice breaker cams* (see illustration and model 3D views)
-Type of door handle or wraparound handle hub required* (see illustrations)
-Weld on, bolt on and narrow base keepers*

Popular door gear models are shown in this catalogue, numerous other combinations can be supplied to meet the demands of our customers, please contact us for further details.

*Not available on all models



Standard Handle Options

Standard Handle Options
Standard Handle & Hub Assemblies                         Non Standard Handle Options

Standard Handle & Hub Assemblies                         Non Standard Handle Options

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