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Our Heritage

Originally Established in 1915 as Bloxwich Lock & Stamping Co by Henry Squire, the business has a long history, starting life with 40 employees but increasing to 900 at its peak.

Most shipping ports in the world had boxes and containers of Bloxwich parts being exported.

The company diversified into producing components for the UK motor industry in the 1950's for which it made it name, and Bloxwich Lock and Stamping was bustling in every sense.

In the 1960's with new technology Bloxwich evolved yet again into a slimmer more competitive business specialising in designing locking systems for intermodal transport, containers, vans and trucks, and today it is still UK owned.

During the 70's, 80's and 90's the company continued to expand and opened additional factories in Asia and South Africa. However, the UK recession in the early 2000's took its toll and the company slimmed down again and relocated to its current location in Cannock, UK.
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Want to know more about our history? To view our full company history document (also available in the downloads section) CLICK HERE

Don't just take out word for it, take a look at the Black Country History website and search for "Bloxwich Lock & Stamping Co", "Alexandra Works" and "Bell Lane" etc to find out lots more about our long history online and information about archives in the Walsall Local History Centre and various other places.

Looking for even more details? Take a look at Espacenet Patent Search and just search for "Bloxwich" to see hundreds of historic patents.
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