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Bloxwich Transport & Container Products Ltd is committed to a policy of total quality in all aspects of its operations. Its aim is to give the best possible service to its customers with finished products that comply with agreed specifications and contract requirements.

The company operates a ‘zero defect’ policy through defect prevention and pursues a programme of continuous improvement in products, processes and services in order to achieve and anticipate customer’s needs. In order to achieve this central objective, Bloxwich Transport & Container Products Ltd, will operate a quality control system which exceeds the requirements of ISO 9002 as well as achieving greater customer quality standards.

The dimensions stated within this catalogue are for general guidance only. If precise dimensions are required it will be necessary to obtain an up to date engineering print which will be issued on request.

All products are supplied by Bloxwich Transport & Container Products Ltd on the terms of its written conditions of sale which are available on request.

Self Colour Finish

Parts supplied in self colour are as per the original material and they are usually supplied in such a condition for welding in place. Suitable corrosion protection methods are required.

Zinc Plate Finish
Our electro zinc plate finish is to BS.1706:Fe/Zn 8 c1A and is intended to protect during normal storage and transit. It is not suitable as an ‘in service’ protection. We recommend that all our zinc plated products undergo further treatment (painting etc.) to provide the required level of corrosion resistance.

At Bloxwich we only use high quality metal plating companies based in the Midlands for our products.

Galvanised Finish
Galvanising is to BSEN ISO 1461 (BS 729: 1971). Welding of galvanised and zinc plated parts releases fumes which are hazardous to health unless proper protective equipment and adequate extraction is used.

Should you wish to paint any galvanised products please contact your paint supplier to ensure that the correct surface preparation and paint products are used.

Galvanising is a very popular finish and at Bloxwich we use several high quality galvanising companies based in the Midlands.

Powder Coating
Some products are supplied with a powder coated finish as standard or as an option for manufacture. Unless otherwise specified standard colours may be available.

At Bloxwich we only use high quality powder coating companies based in the Midlands for our products.


Should you wish to paint any of our products please contact your paint supplier to ensure that the correct surface preparation and paint products are used.

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel used is AISI 304. To further enhance our stainless steel products we barrel polish all brackets, castings and forgings etc. Pickling and passivating is also carried out to ensure our stainless components not only look good but have the best resistance to corrosion possible.

Care should be taken during further assembly or manufacture in order not to contaminate stainless products with mild steel particles e.g. no grinding or welding nearby. Ideally also avoid the use of any tools that may have been used on mild steel parts.

316 stainless steel products may be available on request but are subject to minimum quantities and lead times may vary depending on the product.

Where fasteners are used we recommend the use of the same material/finish as the Bloxwich components or assemblies and if applicable the same painting etc. to give the best corrosion protection.

All fasteners should be suitable for the intended application and should be torqued to the manufacturers recommended values.

Ensure the correct filler materials are used for the parent metals being welded; if in doubt please contact the welding machine manufacturer for advice.

Product Availability

Most products are available straight from stock but some may be subject to quantity and lead time. Several "product flags" are used online but for clarity:

"ASSEMBLED TO ORDER" means products are assembled or finished (from stock parts) to specific customer requirements e.g. Bloxwich forged hinges are manufactured and kept for stock at all times but are bushed, drilled and tapped etc to suit each customer's order which can take apx 48hrs and CAT141 recessed catch plates are manufactured and stocked in self colour but if zinc plated or galvanised versions are ordered it will take apx 48 hrs to finish the goods before despatch.

"MADE TO ORDER" means products are manufactured from scratch. Typically this means within two working weeks. For larger orders the lead time may increase depending on production capacity.

If in doubt please contact us to check stock and if applicable lead times.

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