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Part Numbers, Trademarks & Copyrights

BCP ® (Bloxwich Container Part), BCSP TM (Bloxwich Container Stainless Part) and CAT TM (Category) part numbers and others date back to the very start of the company.

With so many part numbers and different suffices used to specify the exact versions required it can be confusing so please call us if you have any questions.

All Bloxwich part numbers are protected by trademark ®TM and copyright ©. Anyone buying and reselling genuine Bloxwich parts will get our permission to use these part numbers on websites and in catalogues etc but they should still request written permission first (required every five years).

However if you are unsure of the manufacturer or suspect you have been supplied a copy of a Bloxwich product please contact us as we take copyright and trademark infringement very seriously.

How Can I Tell if It's Bloxwich?

Generally speaking all forged parts such as cams, keepers, forged handles, forged hinges and lashing rings etc have their part number, BEL (Bloxwich Engineering Ltd) or BLOXWICH forged onto them somewhere.
How Can I Tell if It's Bloxwich2
Some products may have the Bloxwich logo stamped, moulded or etched on them, while others may have a serial number plate fitted.

How Can I Tell if It's Bloxwich4

However in lots of cases (particularly pressed parts) there is no easy way to tell so If you're unsure as to whether or not you're getting genuine Bloxwich parts then please ask your reseller to confirm it in writing. Alternatively send us a photo.......and we'll tell you!

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