High Quality

Bloxwich Truck and Container have designed, manufactured and sold its own Worldwide Patented products for over 60 years. We manufacture today to the same Original high standards set by our Original Design team.

We operate to QS9002 and have product approval by Lloyds of London for our Locking Gear. Our Original Designs have supported the Shipping Container & Transport markets for decades .

The Bloxwich Brand is the established leader in Container Locking Gear and HGV and light truck closing systems.

Technical Expertise

Bloxwich is the design leader for Container & Freight Door Hardware worldwide. Its influence in European road transportation products is unquestionable.

All products sold by Bloxwich are supported by our engineering team who have a working knowledge of our Worldwide Patented Designs of components and assemblies.

If it doesn't say Bloxwich on the product - it's a COPY and not the same at all.

Our Heritage

Established in 1915 Bloxwich Lock & Stamping Co, had a workforce of 900 at its peak, specialising in locking devices before diversifying into the automotive industry. For almost a centrury, generations of families have worked in its foundry and on its presses. Bloxwich is still in UK ownership.

It is dedicated to the memory of its workforce past, and supportive of its current staff, which it values highly.

We thank them and all of our suppliers and customers for their continuing support.

Welcome to the Bloxwich Truck & Container Online Shop

We are global manufacturers and distributors to the Truck and Container industries and many more.

As the world leader in truck and container locking hardware we are still: designing and manufacturing our own products, exporting all over the world, producing our own injection mouldings, completing fabricating projects and with over 100 years of company history we are still promoting our heritage.

For trade accounts, bulk order prices and any queries you may have, please contact our Sales Team who will be happy to assist you or alternatively log into your online account.

Telephone +44 (0)1543 435 160 or Fax +44 (0)1543 469 610 or email sales@bloxwichgroup.com
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